About Us

The history of Fronius begins in 1945. At that time, charging car batteries was not something that could be taken for granted. Günter Fronius was unwilling to accept this. To begin with, he repaired electrical appliances and he built his first charger using 50 Hz technology. An old army hut in Rankleiten near Pettenbach, where the Fronius family lived at the time, was the first company headquarters for this “specialist repair workshop for radios and electrical engineering”. With a small workshop next to the living quarters and his first employee Andreas Schinker, Günter Fronius laid the foundations for a global company. 

In 1950, Günter Fronius expanded his product portfolio to include welding transformers. With technology as its focus, in the decades that followed Fronius continued to grow into a successful medium-sized company, which Günter Fronius then handed over to his children Brigitte Strauß and Klaus Fronius at the start of the eighties. Driving forward their growth and internationalization strategy saw the establishment of subsidiaries around the world. In 1992, the decision was taken to focus on the “future field” of solar energy, which is why the company today is split into three strong divisions: Perfect Welding, Solar Energy and Perfect Charging.

The geographical and technological expansion strategy introduced by Brigitte Strauß and Klaus Fronius is still being pursued today. Fronius is now represented by subsidiaries in over 24 countries and by sales partners and representatives in over 60 countries, and is a recognised innovation and technology leader. Since 2011, Fronius has been led by the granddaughter of the company founder, Elisabeth Engelbrechtsmüller-Strauß. However, the company's goal remains the same as ever: to create a sustainable future through innovation, quality and a first-rate service.

The company is still Headquarted in Austria  and its welding technology division is now one of the world’s technology leaders in the arc welding market segment.

We are a company committed to improving the science of joining metals. We are committed to our customers. We are committed to our employees. We are committed to our environment in which we all live. With every leap we make in technological advances we improve the lives of people. Everyday. Everywhere.

“We are committed to pursuing our expansion course. We aim to play a dominant role in the worldwide arc-welding market” is how Klaus Fronius describes the future path of the company.

Innovation has defined the welding technology division from the beginning. For decades it has made significant contributions to advances in welding technology. Over the years, Fronius has launched innovation after innovation with great success.