Fronius, how it all began.

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Fronius, how it all began.

The history of Fronius begins in Austria, 1945. At that time, charging car batteries was not something that could be taken for granted. Günter Fronius was unwilling to accept this. To begin, he repaired electrical appliances and he built his first charger using 50 Hz technology. An old army hut in Rankleiten near Pettenbach, where the Fronius family lived at the time, was the first company headquarters for this “specialist repair workshop for radios and electrical engineering”. With a small workshop next to the living quarters and his first employee Andreas Schinker, Günter Fronius laid the foundations for a global company. 

Adding welding technology to the portfolio

Around 1950 the Perfect Welding Division comes into being with the market launch of the first Fronius welding transformer, the Schweiss Boy.

First patent

In 1979, the first Fronius patent is granted, for a “switching arrangement for setting the voltages or currents of electronic arc welding machines”.

From then on, there has been no stopping the avalanche of innovations and developments Fronius has contributed to welding technology, from the very portable and efficient little TransPocket, the industrial favorites TransPuls Synergic and MagicWave /TransTig to the still unmatched CMT (Cold Metal Transfer), and of course our newest, TransProcess Solution intelligent welding platform, with all its top-notch innovative processes.

So far, Fronius has nearly reached 1000 patents and continues to innovate in its three divisions with an R&D team of more than 300 engineers. Today, the company has over 3,700 employees and 24 subsidiaries around the world.